Decalogue to lose weight and / or feel better

1. Drink Water! Water is the main component of the human body, besides being a great antioxidant. Many times thirst can be confused with hunger; Drinking water speeds up the metabolism. It has been shown that drinking water half an hour before eating helps you lose weight, so start with your 6 to 8 glasses a day minimum.

2. Include foods of all groups, to ensure a varied and healthy diet. Follow the traditional pyramid of the food groups. Make sure you include the food groups in those portions, and that they are of quality. Golden rule: remember to eat at least three or five times a day at similar times.

3. Avoid processed food or fast food. Processed foods are all those that are not in their natural state when we acquire them. They have high content of salt, sugar and saturated fats and accumulate as fat in our body. It is not very difficult to identify them, some examples are chips, juices, bars, pizza, donuts, soft drinks. Try to cook at home to avoid eating these foods harmful to our health.

4. Eat whole carbohydrates. What do you think? Carbohydrates are not the devil! It is a fact that refined carbohydrates are processed as sugar in the body; however, you can choose to eat whole carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal.

5. Eat healthy fats. Another thing that has been banned all our lives. We have already seen that sugar is converted into fat in our body, so by hearing "fat" do not think that your body accumulates it. Conversely, healthy fats are a source of energy for our body, some are considered anti-inflammatory and increase "good" cholesterol and reduce "bad" cholesterol.

6. Love your greens. Include vegetables in your daily diet. Green vegetables are high in minerals, vitamins and fiber, which has been found to protect us from heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. They help us to strengthen the immune system, in addition to being excellent anti-oxidants and alkalis, which neutralizes the acidity produced by food and environmental conditions. The benefits of vegetables are innumerable, include them at least in your three meals of the day!

7. Protein. Protein can help you lose those extra pounds and keep you satisfied for longer. The proteins stabilize the levels of sugar in the blood, they contribute energy, My advice is: find out and choose the right quality and quantity of protein. I do not mean just meat or chicken, but also beans, seeds and nuts.

8. Physical Activity. It is not necessary to mention all the benefits of exercising in addition to that it is essential to lose weight. Try at least half an hour of daily exercise to keep your body strong and healthy. Whatever helps! You can even walk or climb stairs from time to time.

9. Sleep. It has been shown that not enough sleep alters the hormones that regulate appetite such as leptin and ghrelin, which has as a consequence that it is more difficult for us to feel full and eat more during the day. To protect that tummy, make the dream one of your priorities and try to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

10. Listen to your body! Something we all know, is that there are multiple theories of diets that help us lose weight. It seems that not all diets work for everyone. There are foods that help you lose weight depending on the type of blood or your genetics. Keep a food diary and what they make you feel. Identify which ones give you more or less energy, as well as which ones make you hungry more quickly.

And this I tell you with all my heart: Enjoy what you eat! There is nothing like suffering and limiting ourselves, when eating is meaning health and energy, and it is a time to share with loved ones. Do not let the food control you, enjoy it, and remember that you choose.

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