Food combinations

Do you feel that even if you eat healthily you still feel inflamed or upset stomach after eating? Many times you are improperly combining your food, which makes digestion more difficult.

This means that the undigested food remains in your digestive tract and rots, creating a toxic environment that makes your blood more acidic, and allows parasites, viruses, and even cancer cells to grow inside you or make you more susceptible to damage. diseases.

This, combined with the consumption of foods with high content of antibiotics and processed food, combined with a stressful lifestyle, damage your health and internal ecosystem which makes you feel tired and your digestive tract does not work properly.

Today, more than ever, we need to take care of our body to avoid damaging our health. The good news is that you can contribute to proper digestion and prevent inflammation! A first step is through the proper combination of foods, which will help you to proper digestion and fill you with energy, in addition to helping you lose weight and maintain it.

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