Food pyramid

According to various studies, there has been an exponential increase in diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, constipation, cancer, among others, in the last 50 years, which have coincided with the high rate of obesity. Clearly, something is wrong.

The large amount of processed, toxic and artificial foods, have made us lose sense of the food that really provides nutrients to the body. This factor, together with others such as toxicity in the environment, use of chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics, among many others, is one of the main factors in the increase of diseases and obesity.

It is time for you to take responsibility for your health and for your body. All this information we already know, it's just a matter of deciding to be and feel better. Start with whole, "real", healthy and delicious food!

Recommendations that should not be missing in order to read the food pyramid properly:

1.- Listen to your body! I firmly believe that the food that is used for one does not work for others. Both whole grains and protein are foods that are considered controversial in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet. Listen to what your body tells you. Analyze how you feel after eating meat or brown rice, the hunger it gives you, the energy, and seek to achieve a balance. You can also try measuring the portions or performing the (appropriate combination of foods).

2.- Use your common sense.

3.- Avoid processed foods. Nourish your body!

4.- Try to cook at home.

5.- When you can, eat organic and local.

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