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Decalogue to lose weight and / or feel better

1. Drink Water! Water is the main component of the human body, besides being a great antioxidant. Many times thirst can be confused with hunger; Drinking water speeds up the metabolism. It has been shown that drinking water half an hour before eating helps you lose weight, so start with your 6 to 8 glasses…
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Food pyramid

According to various studies, there has been an exponential increase in diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, constipation, cancer, among others, in the last 50 years, which have coincided with the high rate of obesity. Clearly, something is wrong. The large amount of processed, toxic and artificial foods, have made us lose sense…
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Food combinations

Do you feel that even if you eat healthily you still feel inflamed or upset stomach after eating? Many times you are improperly combining your food, which makes digestion more difficult. This means that the undigested food remains in your digestive tract and rots, creating a toxic environment that makes your blood more acidic, and…
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